Tips and Resources

Every dollar you raise goes a long way to give hope where it’s needed most. We’ve put together some simple and easy tips to make your Heroes for Hope event a smashing success.


Don’t forget to add that extra touch by writing a little blurb about your event and why you’re fundraising for the Salvos. Personalise your page by adding photos and videos and then send out the link to your friends and family.


Remember to ask your friends and family to support your event. Ask in person, via SMS, on social media, by email or any other way you can think of. Remember, if you don’t ask you will never know! You can also use the hashtag #heroesforhope to share photos of your event.


Make sure you spread the word to your work-mates and let them know you are raising funds for the Salvos. Include details of your event in internal newsletters and announcements. Remember to be clear on how your guests can donate to your event. You can even ask if your employer will match what you raise!


A “thank you” goes a long way. Always remember to thank people for their generous donation and make it as personal as you can. No matter how small or large the donation, every dollar goes a long way and makes a real difference for the Salvo’s vital work in struggling communities.

Raising money can be hard if you don’t know where to start. The key is to ASK!

Day 1

Kickstart your fundraising page by donating $20 to yourself! Lead by example and show others how important this cause is to you.

Day 2

Ask three family members to sponsor you for $20 each. Don’t forget to tell them that they will automatically get a tax-deductible receipt emailed to them on behalf of The Salvation Army

Day 3

Love to bake? Why not whip up a batch of 25 cupcakes or whatever your stomach desires and sell them at work for $2 each

Day 4

Ask six workmates to donate $20 each

Day 5

Ask your boss for a company contribution of $100. Don’t forget to see if your company runs a dollar matching scheme to match what you raise!

Day 6

Ask five people at your school, gym, sports club or church to donate $10 each

Day 7

Post up a link to your fundraising page on facebook and tag five friends to donate $20 each. Use your social networks to your advantage and help spread the word around!


Want to set your goal a little bit higher and aren’t too sure where to begin? Here are some simple tips to help get you started on your fundraising journey.

STEP 1 – $50

Get the ball rolling and prove your commitment to becoming a Hero for Hope and donate to yourself. If you’re asking friends, family and colleagues to contribute to your cause, donating to yourself will demonstrate your dedication

STEP 2 – $200

Ask your nearest and dearest to donate. Ask four members of your family to sponsor you for $50 each!

STEP 3 – $400

These days everyone is on facebook and instagram. Make the most of your social networks and post regular updates to keep everyone in the loop. Don’t forget to tag extended family and friends and ask them to donate $25 each.

STEP 4 – $100

Ask 5 of your workmates to donate $20 each or ask your boss for a company contribution.

STEP 5 – $50

Ask five members of your sports team, community group, church or school to donate $10 each

STEP 6 – $200

Is it time for some spring cleaning? Run a garage sale and clear out clothes, books and other knick knacks.

What a hero! That’s $1000 raised to support the Salvos!