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1. What is Heroes for Hope?

Heroes for Hope is a fantastic excuse to get family, friends and workmates together to support the Salvos. It’s simple! Come up with an idea for a fun activity, bring people together and raise funds to support struggling Australians.

2. Where do the funds go?

When you become a Hero for Hope, your donations go towards The Salvation Army’s annual Red Shield Appeal. Every year, the Salvos assist more than one million people experiencing hardship and disadvantage. We work in areas of greatest stress including family crisis, unemployment, homelessness, domestic violence, disaster relief and addition.

By fundraising for the Red Shield Appeal, you’ll be helping people get the support they need for a better tomorrow.

3. How do I become a Hero for Hope?

Getting started is easy! Simply register and create your own fundraising page. All you have to do is spread the word about your event and ask people to sponsor you. A dedicated fundraising coordinator will be in touch to help you make your fundraising a success.

4. Can my sponsors get a tax-deductible receipt?

Donors who give more than $2 receive a tax-deductible receipt. When your supporters make an online donation, the receipt is automatically emailed to the address they provided.

5. How do I send in cash I have collected?

We recommend that you encourage supporters to make their donation online so their receipt is automatically emailed to them. If you have collected cash in person, you can enter in donations by logging in to your online fundraising page.


Log in to your account


Click on the ‘My Fundraising button on your home page. Select the ‘Manage Cash’ tab from the left hand menu


From here you can either:

  1. Enter individual donations for your guests – so they will get individual tax receipts or;
  2. Enter a lump sum donation for all of your funds collected at your event which means that no receipts will be given



For general troubleshooting issues with your fundraising page, contact our friendly team at fundraising@salvosfundraising.org.au

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